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Motorhoming is the freedom to come and go at your own convenience on the highways and byways of the world, at your own pace. From breathtaking vistas of the snow-capped Rocky mountains of Nepal, to the high passes of Leh, Ladakh to colorful landscape of Himachal Pradesh, to a sunset in the desert of Rajasthan; from sun-kissed beaches of Goa to winding rivers of Kerala; meandering through the game park of Corbett or discover the grandeur of Uttrakhand. Which ever destination you choose the freedom of road is yours. -- Motorhome Adventures »

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  • Motorhome Tours

    Tour can be quite an adventurous experience by taking an active part in simple work like building up a camp at river site. While you are enjoying the many attraction of the nature by exploring and an escorted cook prepare the finest cuisine to full fill your appetite, at the end of the day be a part of gala dinner & bone-fire, when arranging the day we consider the needs of participants.

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  • Motorhome Rentals

    Motorhome Adventures offers a variety of private and commercial registered Motorhomes from some selective owners and operators across India. We have an array of fully-equipped and well-maintained vehicle selections for two, four, six and eight berth Motorhomes with an extensive range of Motorhomes, in terms of type, specifications and price.

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  • Buy / Sell / Customize

    We (Motorhome Adventures) are Specialists in building and converting any new or old LMV chassis or pre-owned busses and Tempo Traveller’s to a custom-made Caravan / Motorhome / Recreational Vehciles as per customer’s specifications. Since inception the company has been moving towards building an even better and reliable Motorhomes with modern equipment and innovative techniques

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What is Motorhome?

motorhome india

Motorcaravan, Caravan, Motorhome, Camper, Camping Car, RV, Trailer, 5th Wheel even Mo'van - what is the difference between them all? The answer is none; they are all interchangeable - even if some groups prefer to use one or the other. But we rather doubt that any A-Class owner would refer to their pride and joy as a 'camper'! European names might confuse the issue still further since many use 'fully integrated' and 'semi-integrated' for A & C Class 'vans with the result that foreign manufacturers sometimes


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The images and videos posted are exclusive and clicked by the Team member's of Motorhome Adventures.

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