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MOTORHOME ADVENTURES is a private owner operated organization based in Delhi, India. Company was established in 1998 to provide Motorhomes services on Chauffeur/Escort/Self Drive Basis. The Company is owned and operated by US! Sanjay Saini and my better half Bina Saini. I was born & brought up in Delhi and comes from hospitality industry and coachbuilder’s background and my wife, was born & brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal but both come from families with extensive Caravanning & touring experience and knows what works and what doesn’t. Initially, we had started our business as Motorhome Hire/Rental services in India, which now also includes conversion/building of any new chassis or pre-owned Buses/Coaches to a custom-made Caravan/Motorhome/RV as per customer’s specifications. Motorhome Adventures are the pioneer Motorhome Company in the Indian-Sub-Continent which operates customize itinerary tours on motorhomes for indivisible family & small group’s, and often we organize beautiful and unusual tours on chauffeur, escort and self drive basis in many remote parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan. And for more adventurous people we have opened up new routes to explore China & Tibet.


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How safe travelling by Motorhomes in India, Nepal and Bhutan?

It is safe to travel by Motorhomes in India, Nepal and Bhutan. To do this our Driver/Escort plays a major roll to find a camp site every evening to park the vehicle. Finally, crime and other security risks exist in practically all countries, just as they do in Miami or London. Travelling in a group is a safeguard. Though we will take all reasonable care of you, but we cannot do this adequately if you do not at all times take sensible precautions yourself.

Motorhome hire for Customize package or Tailor-Made-Itinerary?

Our Customize packages or Tailor- Made- Itineraries are aimed at group of friends or individual family. They can be extended or shortened to suit your travel requirements. If you are unable to find the perfect itinerary for your Family or friends on our website, then why not let our dedicated sale staff help. With years of experience in organizing itineraries they can adjust and design tours to suit your specific dates and needs. For further assistance please sent us your request on query@motorhome.co.in .

Motorhome hire on Self drive basis?

Please “Click” on Self drive terms & conditions

Where do we park at night?

A camp site is chosen, where possible, for its charm and local character.

We are looking for family holiday with kids & older people?

Our family tours have been designed to appeal to children as well as by many older people, and are open to families with 6 years old kids to 75 years older people.

How many staff people travel with us?

Our staff, is one of our key assets and are very carefully selected & trained to ensure that your tour is as trouble-free & enjoyable as possible. Depending upon your tour type, normally driver & helper travels but on some itineraries cook as well.

Where staff sleeps?

We have a provision of tent accommodation for staff to sleep each night.

Are there any camping grounds in India, Nepal and Bhutan?

There are few privately owned camping grounds in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Do you charge extra for cooking & eating appliances if we cook our own?

Nope! We don’t charge extra if you wish to cook your own. Kitchen is equipped with one bottle of 14.2 kg LP-Gas/Burner & Water heater, Cooking & Eating Appliances i.e. Microwave, drinking water purifier, Fridge, Blender, Coffee maker, cutlery, plates, cups, pots, rice cooker, pans, glasses and other daily use utensils, etc.

If we wish to extend our hire?

If the hirer wishes to extend the number of days or pre-booked after travel date has commenced,one must first obtain authorization from the company. Depending upon the availability and subject to the change being approved.
*additional charges may apply.

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